Scoil Rince Criost an Ri is run by Kate Watson, and her daughter, Brigid Watson.  The two began dancing together when Brigid was twelve at the Wild Irish Acres School of Irish Dance.  When the school left the area in 2004, Kate and Brigid began to offer classes locally, for those who could not travel, yet yearned to continue Irish dancing.  The school has flourished over the years, expanding from the home studio, built in the 200 year old barn here on the farm, to the Cooperstown Area, offering classes at the Smithy Pioneer Gallery. 

The school welcomes dancers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, whether they have been dancing all their lives, or have never danced before.  A desire to learn, and a cooperative spirit are all that are expected.

Classes, which are mixed by level and not age, focus on all elements of Irish Step and Ceili Dance.  Since the school focuses on Irish dance as a performing art, steps are soon put to choreographies in which the student quickly learns the importance of the team effort.

Indeed, students in Scoil Rince Criost an Ri form a dance family.  The studio is considered a "safe place" where respect, acceptance and kindness are the norm.  In such an atmosphere, mingled with the joyful tunes of Irish music and the exhilaration of the dance itself, many find an endeavor that brings a wonderful new dimension to their lives.

The motto of the dance school is: Love is Sacrifice.  Though not all will suffer for the art of Irish dance, the love and bonds that it engenders make giving of oneself the most natural thing to do. with us.